What is a Temporary Phone Number and why is it worth hiring one?

Having a Temporary Phone Number provides a much more versatile telephone control especially for those users who have a company or business.

voip-numberAlthough more and more companies that have customer service usually offer alternatives such as chat, email or even WhatsApp for Business, there are still many who use the phone as the main means of contact (either with customers or with any other entity). That’s where the virtual number comes in, a system that allows us to operate with a second line, thus separating the personal number from the professional one and diverting calls to your landline or mobile.

By linking the personal and professional numbers, all calls made to the virtual number will be received on the personal number. In this way, we will control our “virtual office” from a single phone, saving time and managing it from anywhere.

Whether you are a company or an SME, or even an individual, with a virtual phone it is possible to forward the calls that a phone number receives to another that has been linked.

In fact, one of the details to take into account about your virtual number is its flexibility. In addition to having up to 5 numbers to forward calls, users can set a schedule, so that calls received outside the schedule will go to voicemail, with the opportunity to leave a message. At the same time, the mailbox is linked to the emails that the user establishes, so he/she will be able to receive these voice messages to his/her email, listening to the messages from anywhere.

Then, through the Duocom Call app, it is also possible to perform the process in reverse; from the personal phone “mask” the call with the virtual number, without having to reveal the personal number and thus maintaining a professional consistency towards the customer. In addition, it includes other interesting tools such as a call history of the professional number only, receive notifications when there is an incoming professional call, technical support or a real-time consumption control.

In addition, this virtual phone can be used from additional devices: landline, VoIP and even from the web and computer. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a cell phone at hand if we want to use it to call.

On the other hand, the process to register or create a virtual number in Spain is not too complicated. In fact, there are several options: from portability with the current number to creating a new one with any national prefix.

A virtual number allows you to disconnect, separating the personal from the professional.

Perhaps the biggest danger of taking your office with you wherever you go is that you never really disconnect from work. However, as we mentioned earlier, having a call schedule allows us to set limits.

And even for vacations, making sure that no calls will come in during that period.

In short, there are several compelling reasons to have a virtual number, as we have reflected throughout this entry, especially in the case of small businesses or SMEs that do not have a dedicated secretary, for example.