How to bypass SMS/call verification on any website/app online

Nowadays, whenever you try to create an account on any website or any app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and etc, you will be asked to enter your phone number for verification. This step has become mandatory for all users before using the services provided by an application.


There may be times when the procedure bothers you and you don’t want to share your phone number for validation. In case you are wondering how to bypass SMS or call verification on any website or app, don’t worry! we have your back Here is the procedure to avoid entering your personal mobile number and bypass the password step at once:
List of websites that provides a mobile number online

First of all, you should know that the procedure to avoid entering your phone number includes using an alternative mobile number provided by third party websites or applications and then entering the OTP that is sent to that particular number. And below are some websites that provide you with an alternate phone number and one-time password to enter upon verification.
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Most of these websites support major countries like United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, etc.
Procedure to bypass SMS/call verification on any website/app

1.Open any website from the list mentioned above.

2. When you open the website, you will find many phone numbers next to the symbol of your country.

3. Choose a number according to your country.

4. Now, enter the number on the website where you want to bypass the OTP (one time password).Now it will send the OTP to the entered phone number.

5. Go to the first website > click on the number you have chosen and you will see all the recent SMS received on that mobile number.

6. Copy the OTP code and paste it on the website to skip verification.

7. That’s it! Now you have successfully passed the OTP verification without using your phone number.
Android/iOS apps to bypass mobile number verification

Apart from using the websites mentioned above, there are few apps that can be installed on your mobile device from the Play Store that provide the same services as the above websites. Install any of the apps mentioned below to bypass mobile number verification.

Spikko – Virtual Phone Numbers
Nextplus Free Text SMS + Calls
textPlus: free text messages and calls
Burner – Free phone number

The procedure to get a mobile number and OTP using an app is similar to relying on a website.

Did you find these tricks useful? If you know of any other alternatives, please share them in the comments below.