10 sites to receive validation SMS without showing our real number

verifycode10 sites to receive validation SMS without showing our real number. Increasingly, various services, messaging platforms and other web sites ask us for our mobile number to complete a registration or send a verification code. Sometimes we can provide this number without worrying too much, they are reliable companies in principle, others do not offer us as many guarantees and we may fear that they will later use it for telephone spam.

It is likely that you want to create another account in a service where you have already used your mobile number, so you will need a different number to receive the validation SMS or you will not want to give your real number.

For any of these cases, virtual numbers can be very useful, there are sites that offer us different numbers (from various countries) where we can receive SMS and view them online, on the website itself. You must bear in mind that any user can read all the messages of the number, so use these numbers to validate services or receive SMS that are not personal or private. Do not use them to validate your Google or Facebook account.

The idea is very simple, we provide any of the available numbers and wait to receive the SMS a few moments later. It’s just about updating the page with the list of sms received by the number until we find the one we’re waiting for.
How to receive SMS without having a phone or skip SMS verifications

It can be interesting for websites of dubious reputation or advertising that asks for a mobile number. You sign up for a site and you get almost, almost to the end. You find that it asks you for a mobile phone to send you a verification code that you then have to enter to complete the registration. You don’t feel like giving out your mobile number. So, you get yourself a completely disposable mobile number using the following list.

10 sites to receive validation SMS without showing our real number with virtual numbers to receive validation SMS

SMS-man: It is a platform that offers temporary phone numbers to receive SMS online. The SMS-man service offers virtual numbers for SMS activation for verification of a phone number. Numbers from more than 356 different countries are available and can be used to activate accounts for Telegram, Whatapp, Signal, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder and 1,000 other services.

receive-sms-online.info: virtual numbers from USA, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Poland, Holland, Germany, Romania, UK, etc.

– sms-receive.net: virtual numbers from Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Romania, Spain, France and USA.

– receive-a-sms.com: virtual numbers from Denmark, Indonesia, USA, Hungary, Chile, Spain, UK, France, Russia, Australia, Poland, Canada, Holland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Czech Rep. , etc.

– hs3x.com: virtual numbers from Australia, Canada, Norway, Poland, UK and USA.

– receivesmsonline.com: virtual numbers from USA, Canada, Norway, UK, Sweden and Poland.

– freeonlinephone.org: virtual numbers from Canada, Poland, Sweden, UK and USA.

– receivefreesms.com: virtual numbers from Brazil, USA, France, UK, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Israel, etc.

– receive-sms-online.com – virtual numbers from Poland, Norway, Ukraine and Russia.

– receive-sms-now.com: virtual numbers from Canada, USA, Germany, UK, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Sweden, etc.

If you do not find, in this list, a service with virtual numbers from your country or the one you are interested in, you can try doing a Google search.

I hope the 10 sites to receive validation SMS without showing our real number will help you.