The 14 best websites and apps to receive an online SMS that work in 2022.

SMSSurely you have found yourself in the situation that a website where you want to register asks you for your phone number. If you are like me, who distrusts to be putting my real phone number, then this article will interest you.

There is the possibility of receiving an online SMS to verify that email account you are creating or for any other registration. This way, you avoid giving your phone number to websites that you don’t know what they will do with your data.

In case you are in a hurry, here is a summary table with all the esbs we are going to see in this article. Below you have all the details of each of them.

Mejores webs para recibir SMS gratis

Web Type Free Web Free and payment Web Payment Web Free Web Free (with private zone) Web Free Web
Twilio Free and payment Web Free Web
Sellaite SMS Receiver Free Web
FreeTempSMS Free Web
Fakenum Free Web
Nextplus (APP) Free Android, iOS
Voopee (APP) Free Android, iOS
Textplus (APP) Free Android, iOS