How to have a second WhatsApp using a free virtual phone number

Verifycode - Verify whatsapp with GmailThe messaging “app” forces each account to be linked to a phone number, which is why most users only use one. We tell you how to get around this limitation and how to combine several WhatsApp accounts on your device without the need for another SIM card.

WhatsApp is used every day by more than 2,000 million people, but the vast majority of them only have one account. Contrary to what happens in other messaging “apps” that allow you to use several profiles in the service without major complications, WhatsApp only supports one per phone number. The most common is to have a single personal number and, if anything, another work number, which limits the options to have a second WhatsApp account unlinked from those identifications, but does not make it impossible.

The way to get a second WhatsApp account without having to hire another SIM card is by using a virtual phone number. These are numbers that do not have a directly associated telephone line provided by a telephone operator, but rather work over the Internet. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services offered by companies and with different associated functions depending on the payment plan. Their rates are usually cheaper than a second line contract, but there are also free ones, which is the case that interests us in this article.

The most important thing when it comes to getting a virtual phone number is that you have the option to receive verification SMS, something that does not happen in all cases even if the SMS functionality is included. This feature is essential to be able to set up a second WhatsApp account on your mobile, since the application sends an SMS with a verification code to the number provided during the process.

These services are accessible through websites and “apps” of which there are many options in the Android and iOS application stores. Among them, we recommend a website and an application that meet the requirements to be able to use a second WhatsApp and you can use it for free.

How to have a free virtual number

You can use a disposable or standard virtual number. For the first, you can use FreePhoneNum, a web service that allows you to receive online SMS sent to a number to choose from those offered. FreePhoneNum provides users with numbers from the United States and Canada that support SMS verification, but their use is temporary. Valid to obtain the confirmation code to set up a second WhatsApp that you do not anticipate having to reinstall in the future.

If this is not the case, you need a standard virtual number that you can get with the Talkatone: Texting & Calling “app”, available for both iOS and Android in their respective app stores. Talkatone offers free use of a virtual phone number from the United States, perfectly valid to set up a WhatsApp account and receive the verification SMS on it, registering in the “app” with your number or email.

And now that I have the number, how do I install a second WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not offer options to switch profiles and a second installation of the app is not possible from the app store. Some manufacturers offer the option of cloning applications in the terminal, which allows you to install another instance of an application already present in the terminal. For example, Xiaomi has the Clone Apps option, Huawei with App Twins, OnePlus with Parallel Apps and Samsung with Dual Messaging to install a second WhatsApp or other application.

If the manufacturer of your terminal does not include this type of option, you can obtain the functionality through an “app” such as Parallel Space. With more than one hundred million installations on Google Play, the “app” creates a “parallel space” inside your mobile where it installs a second WhatsApp, among other possibilities. Then you just have to make the configuration using the virtual phone number that you have obtained.