How to create a virtual number for Telegram?

Human life today has a deep correlation with technology and devices. These facilities help you move forward in many aspects of life. Social networks and platforms are among the most efficient services in the world of communication.

Telegram SIMCARDTelegram is one of the social platforms that not only provides different messaging methods (chat, voice chat and video chat), but also useful options such as groups, channels and bots. In some cases (for example, for businesses), you may want to register a second account on Telegram.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to set up a second account with the same number that was used in the first account. So what is the solution? By creating a virtual number for Telegram, you perform the first stage of creating a second account. Follow this article to learn how to create a virtual number for your second telegram account.

What is a virtual number for telegram?

A virtual number for Telegram is a kind of number with the same function as real numbers. The only difference between real numbers and virtual numbers is that virtual numbers do not include any physical SIM card.

Virtual numbers give you a new route to make your phone calls, send messages and log in to any kind of application that requests a number, including Telegram.

These numbers are available both free and paid. One of their benefits is that you can get a virtual number from any region of the world without having to live there.

Why do you need a virtual number?

If you want to know how to make another Telegram account with the same number, unfortunately, it is better to say that it is not possible.

To register on Telegram, it will ask you to enter a phone number. Without a phone number, it is not possible to create a Telegram account. On the other hand, this step cannot be avoided or skipped.

You can use each phone number for only one account. Therefore, you cannot set up a new Telegram account with the same number. In this case, Telegram virtual number is the exact solution you are looking for.

A virtual number is a key that allows you to create a second Telegram account easily. Don’t miss the rest of the article to learn how to create a virtual number for Telegram.

What are the benefits of a virtual number?

First, by using a virtual number for Telegram, you don’t have to buy a real phone number to create a new account. So you can save money.

The main reason for requesting a phone number to create a Telegram account is to provide security for users. By connecting your account to a private phone number, your account privacy will be kept secure on Telegram’s servers and no one else will be able to communicate with your account. Although what a virtual number does for users is exactly the same: it provides security and privacy.

If you are not familiar with virtual numbers and have doubts that they work through Telegram, don’t worry. Telegram’s policies are not against the use of virtual numbers. As long as the virtual number you choose can receive SMS, there is nothing to worry about. So don’t miss this opportunity and try it out to see how you can create multiple Telegram accounts without a phone number or SIM card.
How can I create a second Telegram account with a virtual number?

Having a different phone number is mandatory to create a second Telegram account. Buying a different SIM card to use just for app verification is neither rational nor necessary. It is a waste of money and energy.

To create multiple Telegram accounts without a phone number, all you need to do is follow the same steps.

– Open the Telegram app.
– Tap the option in the left corner with three lines.
– Choose to add an account.
– Choose the country that provides your virtual number.
– Enter the number.
– Confirm it and wait to receive the verification code via the virtual number.
– Enter the code and finish the process.

Get virtual number for Telegram

There are many ways to get a virtual number. As we mentioned, virtual numbers are available both free and paid. There are certain apps and websites to buy and download virtual numbers.

Almost all of these services have free trials. This way, you can easily try them out for a while and see if they fit you.

Search for free virtual numbers and see the ringtones of websites that offer virtual numbers from different regions. In the following context, there is a list of the most useful services to get a virtual number.


telos is a mobile app with free phone numbers and this app gives you a variety of phone numbers from any region you want. telos not only gives you a virtual number for Telegram, it also gives you unlimited calling and texting. Telos virtual numbers free you from phone bills because they work over the Internet, both mobile data and Wi-Fi.

eSIM number

The second useful application for getting a virtual number is Numero eSIM. This application provides you with virtual or fake numbers from more than 80 countries around the world. You can use these numbers to check any type of social network, such as Telegram. If you want to use Numero offline, it is possible to connect it to a local phone number.


wNum allows users to verify any verification code from social networks and other applications. Each wNum virtual number is dedicated to one person, so your privacy is safe. This application is so clean and easy to use. wNum provides the virtual numbers of more than 40 countries.


This is a free calling and texting app with Canadian or US virtual numbers. The only notable point about this app is that if you don’t actively use it, your access would be restricted to that particular number. So you would have to choose a different number. TextNow’s permanent numbers are available on a subscription basis in their premium services.

Download these apps and enjoy their various services.

Final words

Having a second Telegram account helps you in many cases as a business. Telegram does not allow users to set up a new account with the same number. Telegram virtual number is the best way to create a second account effortlessly and inexpensively.