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One of the ways that many Internet services and websites use to validate your identity and prove that you really are a human is through an SMS message where they send you a code to the phone number that you previously entered.

Services such as PayPal, bank websites and even emails such as Hotmail or Gmail are some examples in which you will need a telephone number to validate your access. However, you may not have a phone number from a certain country or simply do not want to give yours. Therefore, we will explain some methods with which you can obtain a valid phone number.

NextPlus allows you to make calls and send messages for free

NextPlus allows you to make calls and send messages for freeNextPlus is an application that will allow you to have a phone number in the United States with which you can receive and send text messages, as well as make calls to any number in that country at no cost. However, to enjoy all these benefits, you will need to see a lot of advertising, although there is the option to pay to remove it.

It is good to clarify that the free calls service is somewhat deficient , so if you want to use this option permanently, it is best to pay the subscription. You can download the app from the Play Store with the following link.

With 2ndLine, you get a phone number to use in the United States and Canada

With 2ndLine, you get a phone number to use in the United States and CanadaIt is undoubtedly one of the best applications that you can find in the Play Store in its style. Just by installing it and registering, you will already have some phone numbers at your disposal.

It has a wide variety of options available such as making and receiving calls, sending SMS, voice messages, it has a caller ID and it even has a function to transcribe the voice messages that you have received.

It also has the option to make international calls , although you will have to pay for these calls. Its advertising is not as invasive as in other apps (something that is appreciated), however, if you want to eliminate it completely, you have the option to do so when you become a Premium user.

Google Voice is very stable

Google Voice is very stableIf you live in the United States you can use Google Voice, however, if you live in other countries such as Spain, you must have a G Suite account . Despite this, we have decided to add it because it is a very complete and stable app, just as Google has accustomed us.

With the number that they give you, you will be able to send and receive SMS , make calls, although if they are international they will generate expenses. It has some nice features like backup of all your calls and messages with quick search option, transcription of voice messages and a feature to redirect your calls to another phone line, like your office or home phone.

Some websites provide you with this service

Some websites provide you with this serviceIf you search the Internet you will find many sites that offer you free numbers from different countries, however, you must be very careful , since many of these sites will only try to make you see a lot of advertising without having a positive result. Also, you may end up downloading a Trojan. To protect yourself from this type of threat you should see this article .

We will recommend four options that we have tried and have worked, although none is 100% efficient , since they can present problems during registration, or you have to try several numbers until you get one that works, but you must remember that we are talking about services that are free.

Text Free
Free Online Phone
Receive Free SMS
Get Free SMS Number

With Skype you can have a phone number from different countries

With Skype you can have a phone number from different countriesYes, we know that Skype is not exactly a free option as mentioned in the title of this article, however, we decided to add it for those who want to play it safe. With Skype you can get a phone number from a large number of countries and the payment is quite affordable.

You will only have to pay 6.50 dollars per month for your number and if you need it permanently, you can pay for their 3 and 12 month plans to get a discount of 5% and 33% respectively.

To acquire your number you just have to enter here , choose the country where you need to have a telephone number and make your payment. Then you can use it from your mobile application .

We hope that any of these options will help you and if you have any questions, you can leave them below in the comments.