3 ways to stop unwanted SMS spam in India

SPAM IndiaUsually, spam on smartphones is predominantly related to text messages. The concept of SMS spam is on the rise and you may experience several unwanted commercial advertisements via SMS. This is definitely annoying as spam messages will flash on your screen accumulating notifications. If you are looking to block SMS spam on your cell phone, here are some useful tips for the same.

Block spammers via mobile devices

If you are an iOS or Android user, you can block unwanted SMS sender directly from your device menus. Take a look at how to do this on Android and iOS devices.

To get rid of spam messages from your Android device’s inbox, you can do this directly from the Messaging menu. First, you will need to open the particular message and click on the Menu. You will find an option ‘Add to spam numbers’. Once you confirm adding the particular contact as a spam number, you will stop receiving messages from it.

On iOS, it is possible to block an unwanted SMS as long as your device is running iOS 7 or higher. All you need to do is tap the Contact menu by clicking the ‘i’ button. You will see a contact card for the particular spammer who has sent unwanted messages. You will need to scroll to the bottom and tap the ‘Block this caller’ option.That’s it!

Do Not Disturb

Telecom service providers in India have come up with Do Not Disturb services that will help subscribers get rid of spammers effectively. You may receive several unwanted calls and messages from time to time from various people. You can get rid of these spam messages by registering your number with the Do Not Disturb service. Each service provider has a different procedure for registering with the DND service. The same can be done by visiting the Do Not Disturb page on the telco’s official website or by sending a message to a specific number to activate the service.

Applications to Block SMS Spam

There are millions of smartphone apps available in all genres. Likewise, there are also applications to block unwanted SMS. Most of these apps block by default numbers that are not in your contact list. If not, you can configure the app to do so from the settings menu. The problem here is that sometimes you can block messages from legitimate numbers using this method. However, most of these apps have logs of the messages that were blocked and therefore you can view them later.

Notably, some of these apps will also allow users to block specific numbers from which they are receiving multiple text messages. You can choose from your inbox or from your contact list to block these unwanted numbers. Alternatively, you can also enter the number manually to block them from SMS.

You can try different applications like SMS blocker clean inbox, India against spam and more.

Stay away from spammers

The above steps show you how to block unwanted SMS from unwanted numbers. But, there is one precautionary step you should take to stay away from spammers. When you visit some of the major supermarkets or big stores, you will be asked to provide your main number, as the staff will ask for it during checkout. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not provide your main number until it is needed.

You can carry out these steps to stop receiving unwanted SMS from unwanted numbers. You can rest easy without receiving spam messages that are annoying.