10 Websites with numbers to receive SMS and verify accounts

In today’s article I bring you 10 websites with phone numbers that receive verification SMS, for Youtube or other services, without showing our real number.

Service SMS onlineIt is increasingly common that several services, messaging platforms and other websites ask us to provide our cell phone number to complete the registration or send verification codes.

Sometimes we can provide this number without worrying too much, they are reliable companies in principle, and other companies do not provide us with so many guarantees, so we may worry that they will use it to send phone spam in the future.

You may want to create another account on a service that already uses your cell phone number, so you will need a different number to receive the verification SMS, or you simply don’t want to provide the real number.

In any case, virtual numbers are very useful. Some websites provide us with different numbers (from various countries / regions), and we can receive SMS on the website and view them online, you have to try several numbers, as many times the systems, such as Youtube, detect that it is a number that is used many times.

You must remember that any user can read all messages from this number, so use these numbers to verify services or receive private, non-personal text messages.

Do not use them to verify your Google or Facebook account as authentication, this is used rather, to enable features such as custom screenshots for Youtube videos, and that only asks to enter a unique usage code that is sent by sms.

The idea is simple, we provide any available number, wait a bit before receiving the SMS. It simply refreshes the page with the list of received text messages until it finds the text message we are waiting for, you will notice by the time since the message was received, it is usually seconds.

How to receive an SMS without having a phone and skip verifications

It can be interesting for sites with bad reputation or ads that require a cell phone number.

After registering on the site, you can almost get to the end. You find that it requires you to use your cell phone to send you a verification code, and then you must enter the verification code to complete the registration.

You do not want to provide your cell phone number. Therefore, using the list below, you will get a completely unique cell phone number.

1. receive-sms-online.info: virtual numbers from USA, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, UK, etc.
2. sms-receive.net: virtual numbers from Germany, Czech Rep., UK, Romania, Spain, France and USA.
3. receive-a-sms.com: virtual numbers from Denmark, Indonesia, USA, Hungary, Chile, Spain, UK, France, Russia, Australia, Poland, Canada, Holland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Czech Republic, etc.
4. hs3x.com: virtual numbers from Australia, Canada, Norway, Poland, UK and USA.
5. receivesmsonline.com: virtual numbers from USA, Canada, Norway, UK, Sweden and Poland.
6. freeonlinephone.org: virtual numbers from Canada, Poland, Sweden, UK and USA.
7. receivefreesms.com: virtual numbers from Brazil, USA, France, UK, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Israel, etc.
8. smsreceivefree.com: virtual numbers from USA, UK and Canada.
9. receive-sms-online.com: virtual numbers from Poland, Norway, Ukraine and Russia.
10. receive-sms-now.com: virtual numbers from Canada, USA, Germany, UK, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Sweden, etc.